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Sensitivity of Digital Data

In the world of computer, tab and mobile; how to use these gadget is important concern. Some of instance experienced in our day to day life, these can’t be ignore.
» Use of common password for all type of website or account.
» Connectivity of personal gadget to shared/public network and data backup/transfer mechanism.
» Sharing every movement on social websites.

Use of common password for all type of website or account.
Now a days every website/portal needed user authentication, and it is too hard to remember all passwords. Therefore internet users apply password for all type of account/website. It observed few websites are not using stander approach for storing passwords/secret information.
who will do such a silly job?
My experience: Programmers, CEO of IT company are involving in such silly tasks ☺
Solution: Use algorithms based password, even we can set unique password for all account. Ease-yest way is to categories type of account and assign similar password for a type i.e. for social website use one set of password and for financial activities use different set of password.

Connectivity of personal gadget to shared/public netwok and data backup/transfer mechanism
Most of the time it happens for mobile, USB drive or external storage. People connect gadget from official desktop/laptop/network or cafe and forgot to remove copied data, or sometime it deleted but recovered through different freeware. It is also observed, people share data without restricting folder/file permission and also forgot to remove shared data after task completion.
Observation: mobile/camera type of gadget have highly sensitive and private data.
Solution: avoid to connect gadget in public network/properties. Handover backup disk after formatting and non-recoverable format.

Sharing every movement on social website
This type of threat is not too much sensitive compare to above two. Socialism is a necessary and mandatory property in human being, but sharing of every data in public domain is not good practices.
Concept: "Jisako aapke bare main jaanna chahiye, sirf usee ko aapke bare main pata hona chahiye ☺”
Solution: verify you profile security setting. Message should only forward/convey to whom necessary.
- Nitin Pratap Singh
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Sensitivity of Digital Data
In the world of computer, tab and mobile; how to use these gadget is important concern. Some of instance experienced in our day to day life, these can’t be ignore...
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