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Cancer | Mechanism | Causes | Type | Symptoms | Ayurved | Advice | Home Remedies | Yoga
Cancer is regarded as a fatal and complicated disease. It is a disease that is known to grow out of control and affect the surrounding tissue and the organs. When, over a period of time, toxins collect at site of a particular organ; it may result in fatal growth in its surrounding cell. The group of cell accumulate and produce swelling at the site. Nearby cell and tissue are also affected if the toxins are not removed as diseased cell circulated to other parts of the body through the blood stream.
A normal cell undergoes regulated division, differentiation and apoptosis. When normal cell have lost the usual control over the division, differentiation and apoptosis they becomes tumor cell. So, a tumor is the result of an abnormal proliferation of cell without differentiation and apoptosis. Tumor or neoplasm may be of two types: Benign tumor and Malignant tumor.

In benign tumor, neoplastic cell remain cluster together in a single mass and cannot spread to other sites. It contain cell that closely resemble normal and that may function like normal cell.

Neoplastic cell that don’t remain localized and encapsulated and becomes progressively invasive and malignant are described and malignant tumors. They invade surrounding normal tissue and spread throughout the body through the circulatory or lymphatic system. The term cancer refers specifically to malignant tumors.
While normal cell growth follows and orderly path of growth, division and death, cancerous cells do not experience death but continue to grow and divide. There can be several causes for cancer, some of the common reasons include:
  • Damages or mutation in the DNA resulting in the damage to the genes involved in cell division.
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Carcinogens such as tobacco, asbestos, arsenic, radiation, ultraviolet rays and car exhaust fumes.
  • Cigarette smoking, cigar smoking, passive smoking and tobacco chewing.
  • Alcohol use and obesity
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Sunlight and excessive exposure to ultraviolet light
  • Exposure to radiation from X-rays, gamma rays, cellular phones and cell phone towers.
  • Bladder cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Lung cancer
For woman
  • Breast changes
  • Bloating
  • Between-Period Bleeding
  • Skin Changes
  • Blood in Your Pee or Stool
  • Weight Loss Without Trying
  • Heartburn
  • Mouth Changes
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Cough
  • Pain
  • Belly Pain and Depression
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Changes in lymph nodes
For man
  • Problems when pee
  • Changes in your testicles
  • Blood in your pee or stool
  • Skin changes
  • Changes in Lymph Nodes
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Heartburn
  • Mouth changes
  • Weight loss without trying
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Cough
  • Pain
  • Belly pain and depression
Treatment of cancer by Ayurveda is very in-depth and holistic in its approach. Ayurveda treats the disease according to the specific nature of the patient, the aggravated body energies involved and the body tissues that are affected. Treatment does not only focus on the area of the malignancy but on the entire system, as the whole organism must be returned to harmony for the disease to be treated permanently and not recur elsewhere. The body must be purified of the toxins that cause the cells to attack the body. Treatment includes the administration of blood cleansing herbs along with the adoption of a detoxifying diet. Circulatory stimulant herbs are also prescribed to promote circulation, shift stagnation of the blood, increase the efficient elimination of toxins and assist in healing the tissues. Immunity restoring herbs and minerals are given to boost the strength of debilitated patients.

A crucial part of treatment is relaxation of the mind. Suppression of emotion or emotional stagnation is a significant causative factor and obstacle to effective treatment of this condition. The patient needs to heal themselves at the very deepest level of their individuality. Meditation, counseling, yoga, pranayama and the studying of spiritual philosophy are all recommended for support in this aspect of personal healing.
  • Eat a diet that is rich in natural cancer-fighting chemicals and helpful in boosting immunity.
  • Eat easily digestible food to avoid toxin accumulation in the body.
  • Reduce sugar intake.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol.
  • Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Avoid high-fat foods, especially from animal sources.
  • Panchakarma therapy is beneficial in cancer.
  • Desi half cup of cow urine and a half tablespoons of turmeric powder and half tablespoon of Punarnva powder. All three mix together and heat. After heat, cool down at room temperature. The patients take like Tea.
  • Take 2 to 5ml Wheat Jwara juice. In Wheat Jwara juice also add Tulsi, Giloy, Neem also.
The holistic methods of Ayurveda for cancer treatment include:
  • Abstinence from food and lifestyle that cause tridosha (vata, pitta, kapha) imbalance.
  • Eliminating toxins through Panchakarma.
  • Restoration of healthy jatharagni (digestive power) functions.
  • Rejuvenation through rasayanas.
  • Ayurvedic preparations can act as an adjuvant or a co-therapy along with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. It is also helpful in post-surgery care.
  • Ayurvedic medicines help to minimize the side effects of these therapies.
  • Kapalbharti 15 to 30 minutes
  • Anulimvilom 15 to 30 minutes
  • Bhramamri 15 minutes
  • Udageet 15 minutes
  • Bhastrika 15 to 30 minutes
Dengue is a viral mosquito-borne type disease that has extent all over India and most of the Asia pacific and Latin America regions located.
Constipation is a chronic and common problem in many people all over the world. Every day increase the graph of this kind of disease because of daily routines, type of food those not easily digested even hard to consumption by bowels and eating pattern.
Cancer is regarded as a fatal and complicated disease. It is a disease that is known to grow out of control and affect the surrounding tissue and the organs.
Asthma (दमा) is one kind of chronic disease (पुरानी बीमारी) and also affected the lungs (फेफड़ों) and human respiratory system in which the airways (वायुमार्ग) narrow.
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) patients suffer from excessive(अत्यधिक), unrealistic worry that lasts through six months or more; the issues could be health, money, career problems, or just about anything.
Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder in which the body is unable to make proper use of glucose, resulting in the condition of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).
When, the thyroid gland makes and releases more thyroid hormone T3 and T4 then body need.
When, the thyroid gland does not make and release enough thyroid hormone T3 and T4 then body need. Thyroid hormone is control on the body’s metabolic energy and process.
High Cholesterol
Having an excessively high level of lipids in your blood (hyperlipidemia) can have an effect on your health.
When, the thyroid gland makes and releases more thyroid hormone T3 and T4 then body need.
Bhagwan Valmiki MandirBhagwan Valmiki Mandir
Swami Raghawanand Ji Maharaj from Delhi Udasin Ashram inaugurated भगवान वाल्मीकि मंदिर (Bhagwan Valmiki Mandir) on the occasion of Valmiki Jayanti in 2015. Valmiki temple is easily accessible from Rohini East metro station.
सहारनपुर और कश्मीर की हालत
कत्ल-ओ-गारत के इस खेल को ,क्यो बढा रहे हो तुम..

दुशमन हर तरफ बैठा है ,पर खुद पर पत्थर चला रहे हो तुम...
मसखरी - Maskhari
ऐसा लग रहा है कि विजय माल्या रॉयल चैलेंजर्स बंगलौर टीम के खिलाडियों का पैसा भी दबा कर भगे हैं , आईपीएल में उन बेचारों का मारे अफ़सोस के परफॉरमेंस ही बिगड़ गया 🙂
घुरपेँच - Ghurpainch
आज लोगों को कब Sorry, Excuse Me, Thank You बोलना है, पता है।
पर सामने-वाले को हिन्दी मे आप (तू नहीं) बोलना होता है, बस ये नहीं पता।
मेरा नमस्ते कहना...
X ने Y को कहा, कि मेरा प्रणाम Z को बोलना...
अतः X चाहते हैं कि Y, Z को आज एक बार और प्रणाम करें।
अर्थात Y, Z से आज, एक बार और विनम्रता पूर्वक संवाद स्थापित करें।
कटप्पा ने बाहुबली क्यों मारा?
कटप्पा ने बाहुबली क्यों मारा? को! ये जानना ज़्यादा इम्पोर्टेंट है क्या...?
प्रेरक कहानी: बाँके बिहारी जी का प्रेम
एक बार मैं ट्रेन से आ रहा था मेरी साथ वाली सीट पे एक वृद्ध औरत बैठी थी जो लगातार रो रही थी...
मैंने बार बार पूछा मईया क्या हुआ, मईया क्या हुआ?
प्रेरक कथा: मैं ना होता तो क्या होता ?
पर हनुमान जी, प्रभु श्रीराम से कहते है...
प्रभु, यदि मैं लंका न जाता, तो मेरे जीवन में बड़ी कमी रह जाती। विभीषण का घर जब तक मैंने नही देखा था, तब तक मुझे लगता था, कि लंका में भला सन्त कहाँ मिलेंगे...
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