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Hyperthyroidism | Type | Causes | Symptoms | Ayurved | Advice | Home Remedies | Yoga
When, the thyroid gland makes and releases more thyroid hormone T3 and T4 then body need. Weight loss, rapid heart-beat, problems in sleeping, change in menstrual patterns is some symptoms show in hyperthyroidism disorder’s person.
  • Grave’s Disease
  • Thyroiditis
  • Toxin nodular goiter
  • Hashimoto’s disease
Release in large amounts of thyroxine and triiodothyronine hormone from thyroid gland.

Extra iodine
Antibody act on thyroid gland often, secret extra hormone from thyroid gland.
Adenoma produces and secretes extra T-4.
Some viral infection causes hyperthyroidism.
Noncancerous tumors of the thyroid gland cause hyperthyroidism.
  • Hair loss बाल झड़ना
  • Itching खुजली
  • Breast development in man आदमी में स्तन विकास
  • Illness and weakness बीमारी और कमजोरी
  • Sleeplessness अनिद्र
  • Extra sweating अतिरिक्त पसीना
  • Difficult to concentrate ध्यान केंद्रित करने के लिए मुश्किल
  • More hunger अधिक भूख
  • Nervousness घबराहट
  • weight loss वजन घटना
  • Swelling in lower legs पैरों में सूजन
  • Shortness of heart beat दिल की धड़कन की तकलीफ
  • Tremor कंपन
  • Sudden paralysis अचानक लकवा
After researching in Ayurveda, thyroid gland has a problems when imbalance digestion system and blockage of the minute channel in the body causing an imbalance in the function of the thyroid gland. Vata and pitta are two main dosha for hyperthyroidism. Vata and pitta go into different part of the body and cause the symptoms of hyperthyroidism causes. These two incorrigibly doshas effect on gastric fire and digestion system so that excessive hunger occur. Vayu has dynamic, surrounding anywhere in the body and light in weight so that saw different impact on the body when it is imbalance. Sleeplessness, nervousness and concentration are symptoms shown when vayu have imbalance in body.
  • Do Daily physical activity like yoga, pranayama every early in the morning.
  • Avoid white flour products and high sugar containing food.
  • Intake food those rich in vitamin A like pumpkin (कद्दू), green leafy vegetables, and carrots help in maintain thyroid imbalance.
  • Barley (जौ) and oats also help in the thyroid problems. And maintain the iodine level.
  • Fruit like banana and melons help in incorrigibly vata and pitta dosha.
  • Cabbage (गोभी), cauliflower (फूलगोभी), kale, rutabagas (शलजम), turnips, cassava (कसावा), millet (बाजरा), and soybean should take in diet.
  • Avoid coffee and other stimulants including alcohol and tobacco.
  • Take equal amount of long pepper (लंबी काली मिर्च), black pepper (काली मिर्च ) and dry ginger powder (अदरक पाउडर ) and mix well. Take this mixture twice in a day with lukewarm water.
  • Take Radish (मूली), kale (गोभी), spinach (पालक) and cabbage (गोभी) extract juices from. Drink one cup in the morning.
  • 10-15 gm coriander (धनिया) and add it to a glass of water. Boil and allow it to cool. Strain the mixture and take twice in a day.
  • Bhujangasana भुजंगासन
  • Dhanurasana धनुरासन
  • Sarwangasana सर्वांगासन
  • Halasana हलासन
  • Halagurasana हालगुरासना
  • Matsyasana मत्स्यासन
  • Shavasana शवासन
  • Paschimottasana पश्चिमोत्तासन
  • Supta vajrasana सुप्त वज्रासन
  • Ushtrasana उष्ट्रासन
  • Ardhmatsyendrasana अर्धमत्स्येन्द्रासन
  • Sinhasana सिंहासन
  • Kantha sanchalana कांठा संचालन
  • Trikonasana त्रिकोणासन
  • Agnisara अग्निसार
  • Uddiyana bandh उड्डीयान बांध
  • Kapalbhati कपालभाति
  • Ujjayi pranayama उज्जायी प्राणायाम
  • Bhastrika pranayama भस्त्रिका प्राणायाम
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When, the thyroid gland makes and releases more thyroid hormone T3 and T4 then body need.
When, the thyroid gland does not make and release enough thyroid hormone T3 and T4 then body need. Thyroid hormone is control on the body’s metabolic energy and process.
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When, the thyroid gland makes and releases more thyroid hormone T3 and T4 then body need.
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